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The Best Ways to Spend the Holiday Season in Orem, Utah

Can you believe it’s already that time of year again? The “most wonderful time of the year” is back, and here in Orem, Utah, we are ready to celebrate!

Orem and the surrounding areas are full of fun things to do during the holiday season! This special time of year comes and goes so quickly, so make sure you don’t miss all the amazing opportunities around you! To get you started, our team at Monteval has put together a list of holiday activities and events in the Orem area! Grab your loved ones and mark your calendars: It is going to be a memorable holiday season!

Holiday Events

Earn Your Turkey Run: When we think of Thanksgiving day, we often think of the overeating that often accompanies it. This year, enjoy a balanced Thanksgiving by participating in the Earn Your Turkey Run! Runner’s Corner and the Orem Fitness Center have been sponsoring this Thanksgiving Running Event since 1982, and it has been a local favorite ever since! Join the community on Thanksgiving Day for this event you won’t want to miss!

Light Up Christmas: With lights, storytelling, and amazing music, what else could you want? This year at Light Up Christmas, come hear the beautiful songs of Christmas performed by Dallyn Bayles, Mindy Smoot Robbins, Marvin Payne, Shayla Beck, One Voice Children’s Choir, and the Utah Valley Symphony. The performance will take place December 3, and tickets can be purchased using this link

Santa Run 5K: The Santa Run 5K is a running event you won’t soon forget! In this race, each participant will receive a Santa suit to run in, and they will stop along milk and cookie stations aided by Santa’s helpful elves! This hilarious Santa-themed race will begin at the Riverwoods on December 4 and be a truly unforgettable event this holiday season.

Holiday Activities

Gingerbread House Competition: Get your creative side on and participate in the 2021 Gingerbread House Competition! The first-place winner of this competition wins a $1,000 cash prize, so take this seriously—you could be the big winner! The entry form must be submitted by November 10, and the completed gingerbread house on November 27, so don’t miss these deadlines if you are interested in entering! If you want to come and check out these masterpieces, come to the University Place Mall on Monday, November 29 (Starting at 8:00 p.m.), through Friday, December 3. Looking at these handcrafted holiday houses will make for a fun activity for the whole family!

Christmas Cruise: Why look at the Christmas lights on land when you could look at them from the water? Gather your family and friends for the Christmas Cruise—a holiday boat ride along the Provo River! The boat ride will take you under thousands of twinkling lights accompanied by holiday music, making it a magical experience! Tickets can be purchased on this website.

A Christmas Carol: Whether A Christmas Carol is a yearly family tradition or you are wanting to see it for the first time, this Charles Dickens classic is a magnificent way to celebrate the season. Here in Orem, Utah, the Hale Theater’s annual performance of A Christmas Carol is always spectacular! Performances will take place from November 27 to December 23, and they sell out quickly! Check out Hale Center Theaters website for ticketing information.

Simple Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is often the happiest time of the year! However, for some, it can be difficult and lonely. This holiday season, make an effort to spread holiday cheer to a friend, relative, or stranger. You never know who could need it! 

In an article by Becoming Minimalist, Joshua Becker shares 12 simple ideas of ways to spread holiday cheer. Here are a few highlights:

  • Handwrite a letter
  • FaceTime/Skype an old friend
  • Leave a nice tip
  • Invite someone over for dinner
  • Shovel your neighbor’s driveway

These are only a few of many endless ways to simply serve others during the holiday season. A little bit of effort can really make a huge difference for someone! And, it may even brighten your own holiday season as well!

There is so much to love about Orem, Utah, especially during the holiday season! By participating in holiday activities, events, and opportunities to spread cheer, you’ll find that your holidays in Orem are some of the best ones yet! And if you are looking for a place to stay in Orem, ICO Monteval could be the perfect place for you to call home. Feel free to schedule a tour with us! We would love to show you our amazing apartments and all that they have to offer.

From our entire team at Monteval, we wish you and your loved one a happy holiday season!

Three Must-Try Fall Activities Near Orem, Utah

Nothing is quite as exciting as the time of year when you can finally start wearing your favorite sweaters again! There is something so exciting about fall, but it often gets overrun by the business that comes with this time of year.

This fall, make sure to take the time to enjoy the beauty and excitement of the season! Orem, Utah, is surrounded by amazing activities that can help us all to enjoy fall time. Here are three local activities that you have to try!


If you are looking for a place to go pumpkin picking this fall, Cornbelly’s is the perfect destination! Cornbelly’s has thousands of pumpkins in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. With this kind of variety available, there is no doubt that there will be a perfect pumpkin for everyone.

Pumpkin picking isn’t the only thing to do at Cornbelly’s! There are so many other activities to participate in. Cornbelly’s has over 55 attractions, ranging from kid trains to frightening haunted houses. You can take a look at all their enticing events and attractions by clicking here. A day at Cornbelly’s is an activity that you will not want to miss this fall!

Provo Canyon

When living in Orem, Utah, and the surrounding areas, one of the best fall activities is enjoying the beauty surrounding us! With the leaves changing colors, a drive through our local canyon is a must. Driving through Provo Canyon is an excellent opportunity to see some breathtaking views, including Bridal Veil Falls and Deer Creek Reservoir. Gather your favorite people, throw on some good music, and make sure to take an enchanting fall drive through Provo Canyon. These are moments you won’t forget!

Allred Orchards

Another great thing that comes with fall is the delicious fruit! If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy a fresh-picked apple or peach during the prime harvest season, you are seriously missing out! Lucky for you, Allred Orchards in Provo has some of the best fall produce around. Allred Orchards has been growing fruit on their 600-acre over four generations! Enjoying this farm-fresh fall produce is the perfect way to make this fall extra special (and delicious!).

By pumpkin picking, participating in fall activities and events, enjoying the beautiful fall views, and tasting the delicious fall harvest, you are going to have the best fall yet! If you are planning on sticking around the Orem, Utah, area for a while, make sure to stop by Monteval. Our luxury apartment living spaces are perfect for you to call home.

Top Romantic Restaurants Near Orem, Utah

It seems like life gets busier every day! With all the hustle going around us, we often forget to slow down and spend quality time with those who mean the most to us. A Redbook survey found that 45 percent of couples “rarely” have date nights and that only 18 percent manage to go out about once a month. These astonishingly low numbers show us that date nights need to be given a much higher priority.

Luckily, Orem, Utah, and the surrounding areas have many diverse romantic restaurants for you and your significant other to spend the perfect date night. Here are three of our favorite local spots.

La Jolla Groves

La Jolla Groves is one of the best fine dining experiences around. Using fresh and healthy ingredients, La Jolla Groves has a spectacular selection of upscale foods. With a menu that includes options such as tenderloin medallions, lemon chicken, blackened salmon salad, filet mignon, and so much more, the food will be some of the most flavorful, mouth-watering, and satisfying dishes you’ve ever tried.

There is a lot more to love about La Jolla Groves! The ambiance here is one of the most significant factors that sets this restaurant apart from others. The inside of the restaurant creates the romantic experience of dining under lemon trees! Lemon trees fill the entire restaurant, making La Jolla Groves one of the most beautiful and romantic dining experiences available. 


For a different yet still romantic dining experience, TRUreligion could easily become one of your favorite dining experiences around. TRUreligion is a unique, high-end pancake and steakhouse located in a beautiful, cozy, and inviting atmosphere. There truly isn’t anything like it! 

TRUreligion uses only the highest-quality and freshest ingredients in its dishes. The local free-range eggs and fresh smoked bacon are just the beginning of what’s to love. Just take a look at their mouth-watering menu to see all the incredible options they have to choose from. You can also click here to learn more about the founders and the origins of this impressive spot.

This restaurant is one you won’t want to miss out on. Make plans now to try TRUreligion for a romantic breakfast or brunch date soon! You definitely won’t regret it.

Bombay House

Bombay House has been an iconic Utah destination since 1993. Famed for their authentic Bombay and Indian cuisine, this is an exceptional dining experience. With the rich aroma of spices, cultural music, warm atmosphere, and intimate lighting, Bombay House is the perfect exotic date night for you and your significant other. Dining at Bombay House is an excellent opportunity to try some different and delicious food options and have a romantic and memorable evening.

There are many wonderful places to enjoy an unforgettable date night here in the Orem, Utah, area. La Jolla Groves, TRUreligion, and Bombay House are great places to start when planning your next romantic date with that special someone. If you are looking for a place to stay in Orem, make sure to check out ICO Monteval apartments for the perfect place to call home. 

Image: La Jolla Groves

Enjoy Summer Doing These Three Activities near Orem, Utah

The sun is shining; now’s the perfect time to get out and try new things! Lucky for you, Orem and the surrounding areas are full of fun things to do! Here are three summer activities near Orem, Utah for you to add to your summer bucket list.

Get Air Hang Time

Needing something fun, different, and active? Try a trampoline park! Get Air Hang Time is the ultimate trampoline park, and it is located right here in Orem! It is a 40,000 square foot indoor park with lots of fun activities in addition to trampolines. This activity will definitely provide a full day of fun, and it would be especially great for families with kids and teenagers. Make sure you set aside a summer day for this exciting activity!

Getout Games

Another fun summer activity is to try completing an escape room! Escape rooms are great group activities that allow you to work together and think outside the box. Getout Games was the first escape room company to open up in Utah, and they have been a local favorite here ever since. This is definitely an activity that you’ll want to try this summer!

Little Rock Canyon Summit

Nothing really beats a summer morning spent out on the trail! Hiking is a great way to enjoy the sunshine while also getting great exercise and spending quality time with friends and family. A great trail to try is the Little Rock Canyon Summit. This trail is a two-mile out-and-back trail that provides amazing views of the wildlife and the city. 

When setting off on the trails, remember that hiking is much more enjoyable when you come prepared! The Wilderness Society recommends setting aside plenty of time, coming dressed appropriately, selecting hikes that are appropriate to your skill set, etc. Hiking, when done right, could easily become one of your favorite summer activities near Orem, Utah.

Orem has so much in store for you and your summer! Going to the trampoline park, the escape room, or the trails will be a great place to start! We hope you enjoy these summer activities near Orem, Utah, and that you continue to explore all the city has to offer! And, If you are looking for a place to stay in Orem, be sure to check out ICO Monteval, which offers quality apartments and is located in the perfect spot with access to everything you need. Happy summer!

Three Home Decor Tips for Your Apartment

It’s becoming increasingly common to rent apartments, and for some, it’s taking the place of buying a home. There are many benefits to renting, but it can be hard to make a temporary living space feel like home. That is, until you find home decor tips specifically for apartments! 

With the right interior design tips, you can transform your apartment into a home, leaving you feeling comfortable, cozy, and at ease. Here are three things to add to your apartment to get started.

Pillows and Blankets

You’ve likely already got a few blankets and pillows in the key areas in your home, but here’s the case for adding a few more: There is something so inviting and homey about having more pillows and blankets than you need. Adding these items is a simple and inexpensive way to boost the color, texture, and style of your apartment. With some cushy pillows and fluffy blankets, your apartment will both look and feel better.

Room Dividers

Next on our list of home decor tips is considering the flow and space allocation of your floor plan. Wide-open spaces are beautiful, but some find that too much open space feels empty or boring. The good news is there’s an easy solution: room dividers. They add a splash of style and give the room a tighter and cozier feel. Plus, it helps you designate purposes for smaller spaces. If you are working from home, for example, room dividers can help you separate your office space from other spaces where you don’t want to think about work.

Layered Rugs

Finally, rugs can add color and texture to your apartment, making it look more put-together and homier. To take it to the next level, you can try layering rugs, i.e., having large rugs overlap or stacking smaller rugs on larger rugs. This technique makes your floor cozier and adds a sense of groundedness and personality to your space.

Ready to implement these home decor tips? There are plenty of home decor shops near ICO Monteval in Orem, Utah. Some popular furniture and decor stores nearby include Osmond Designs, Ashley HomeStore, and Best Deal Mattress & Furniture. If your new place doesn’t quite feel like home yet, head to these stores and try out these three decorating ideas to add some color and coziness to your apartment.

Green Living at ICO Monteval Apartments in Orem

The average American household of four uses up to 260 gallons of water each day. Also, electricity, paper, and plastic are constantly being wasted all over the country. These environmentally detrimental habits are trending. Now is the time to make a positive change.

At ICO Monteval Apartments in Orem, we are dedicated to fostering an eco-friendly lifestyle and doing our part to protect the earth. Here are a few tips to live green at our apartments in Orem.

Conserve Water

Did you know that 3.6 billion people live in areas where water is considered a scarce resource? Utah is one of the many places around the United States that often experience a dry, hot summer, so residents at our apartments in Draper need to be conscientious of their individual water use. Here are a few ways you can conserve water:

  • Keep an eye out for leaks. A faucet that leaks just one drop of water per second wastes up to 165 gallons per month! Keep an eye out for loose pipes and leaks, and report them to our maintenance team. We’re happy to fix them as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t spend hours in the shower. The average shower uses 37 gallons of water. Do your part and cut down on shower time to avoid using more water than necessary.
  • Don’t flush unnecessarily. A standard toilet uses about 3.5 gallons of water each time you flush. Don’t flush tissues and other garbage down the toilet. Instead, be conservative, using the toilet only for its intended purpose.
  • Don’t let the water run. Whether you are brushing your teeth or washing dishes, turn off the water when you don’t need it.
  • Only wash full loads. Try to time your laundry or dishes so you have a full load. This will reduce the number of times you have to run the machines, saving on water and money.

By making these modest changes, you can make a tremendous difference in the amount of water that goes to waste.

Conserve Energy

In addition to water, you can also conserve energy in your home. Here are some eco-friendly tips to cut down on energy use at our apartments in Orem:

  • Turn off the lights. This one is easy peasy. When you leave a room, make it a habit to turn off the lights. Additionally, if it is daytime, consider using the natural light coming in through the windows.
  • Unplug your appliances. If you have any electronics, lamps, chargers, or otherwise that aren’t in use, simply unplug them. This will reduce the amount of electricity used in your apartment.
  • Wash on cold. If you can, wash your clothes in cold water. This will eliminate the need for additional energy to heat the water. Plus, it will keep your clothes from shrinking!

Cutting back on energy use in your apartment will not only save money on the utility bills but also contribute to a cleaner environment.


The most popular way to practice sustainable living habits is to recycle. At the Monteval Apartments in Orem, we encourage all residents to follow suit. Items you can recycle include plastic bottles and containers, empty cans, paper, and flattened cardboard. You cannot recycle food, liquid, plastic bags, plastic wrap, or cups with wax or plastic coating. In Orem, you can take your recycling to Recycle Coach.

We encourage all at ICO Monteval Apartments in Orem, to follow these tips. By making small adjustments to your daily habits, you can do your part to live sustainably and protect the earth.

Three Things That Orem, Utah, Has to Offer

When graded on how great it is as a place to live, Orem, Utah, earns an A grade. No, really: Niche.com rates cities, and Orem has an A! 

Orem, Utah, earns that high grade. Forty miles south of Salt Lake City, the dense suburban town has a nice feel to it, there’s lots to do, and it’s quite safe. 

A Nice Vibe

On top of its A rating from niche.com, Orem also made it onto Money’s list of Best Places to Live in 2018. Why? Well, it’s known as “Family City USA,” and with lots of young families and college students, the city has a friendly feel to it. Living in Orem means you have the opportunity to meet students and other residents from all over the world and enjoy the nice balance between suburban and urban areas. One resident said, “I love how kind everyone here is! All of the neighbors like to check in with each other, and this neighborhood is so beautiful!”

Lots to Do

There’s plenty to do in Orem! Feeling outdoorsy? There’s gorgeous Sundance and Bridal Veil Falls just a few minutes up Provo Canyon. Feeling theatrical? There’s the Hale Center Theater or the Scera Shell Outdoor Theater. Feeling sporty? Go surfing on Provo Beach Resort’s indoor wave machine or watch an Owlz baseball game. Need retail therapy? The University Place Shopping Mall and The Shops at Riverwoods both offer a really nice shopping experience.


According to a report from City-Data.com, the crime rate in Orem is 136, “which is 2.0 times smaller than the U.S. average.” You should always be cautious, but when you live in Orem, you can feel pretty confident that you and your home will be safe. 

Here at Monteval Apartments, we love that we’re located in Orem, Utah. The city has a nice vibe, there’s plenty to do, and it’s pretty safe. If you’re considering moving here, don’t hesitate: Reach out today for a tour!