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Moving to Orem, Utah? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

In its early days, Orem was famous for its fruit orchards. There were thousands of acres of fruit trees all across the city. As Orem grew, more and more orchards were cut down to make room for the growing needs of the city. Nowadays, there are only a few patches of trees left in the city; they stand as a living monument to the past of this great city.

We love living here, and if you’re thinking of moving to Orem, you probably have a few questions. We’ve put together a guide that details everything you’ll need to know when moving to Orem.

Surrounding Communities
Outdoor Recreation
Local Attractions
What’s in the Area?
Cost of Living

Surrounding Communities

Orem Utah Map

Orem is a great place to work and live thanks to the large number of employment and entertainment options. Orem is joined with Provo, making up the large Provo/Orem metropolitan area. To the West is Vineyard, and to the north are Lindon, Pleasant Grove, and American Fork. If you’re looking for Apartments in Provo, or north in Lindon and Pleasant Grove, consider living at ICO Monteval in North Orem. It’s the perfect place to be for access to top Utah Universities, shopping, dining, and entertainment.



Located just under an hour south of Salt Lake City, Orem shares similar weather with most of the north-central valley areas. Springs start off cool but warm quickly. Temperatures can fluctuate wildly from April to June. These fluctuations kick up thunder, lightning, and rainstorms alongside violent winds. Some springs are milder than others, but storms are expected in spring. Summer brings consistently warm temperatures; July and August are the hottest months, with average temperatures climbing into the 90s. 

Fall temperatures drop into the 60s and 70s more often than not, and many residents love taking advantage of the great weather by camping, hiking, biking, and jogging. Winters are cold but not frigid. There are stretches of sub-freezing temperatures, but normal winter temperatures stay in the 30s and 40s. When snow falls, it usually doesn’t stick around for too long unless snowfall coincides with a cold snap. Although Utah Valley doesn’t receive consistent snow, the nearby mountains to the east offer some of the best snow in the nation.

Here’s the Orem 10-day forecast.


5-Star BBQ

Orem is home to dozens of great restaurants. Outside of Salt Lake City, Orem is one of the best places to eat. You’ll find restaurants serving a variety of cuisines from around the world. Because Orem is home to a large population of college students, many restaurants make their menus affordable. Here are some of the best restaurants in the area.

5-Star BBQ – You don’t have to travel all the way to the south to enjoy great BBQ. Five-star BBQ serves slow-cooked goodness with amazing sides such as homemade cornbread, coleslaw, and french fries. The restaurant is set up in a converted residential house, which gives it a homey feel. If you’re in the area, definitely stop by!

Meats and side dish at Asado Argentinian Grill and Cafe

Asado Argentinian Grill and Cafe – Argentina is known for its delicious meats, and these delicious dishes have found their way to Orem thanks to Asado Argentinian Grill and Cafe. Their menu includes a wide variety of steak, chicken, sausage, and pork dishes, in addition to salads, sandwiches, and desserts. If you’re extra hungry, you’ll love their large dishes and delicious sides.

Middle-Eastern cuisine food served at the table

Kohinoor – This authentic restaurant serves northern Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisine in a comfortable setting. Kohinoor has been serving the Orem area for years and continues to be a popular restaurant. It is consistently voted one of the best restaurants in Utah Valley.

Asa Ramen

Asa Ramen – This Orem restaurant serves some of the best ramen in the entire valley. In fact, lunch lines can sometimes stretch outside the restaurant. The portions are generous, and the sides are just as good as the ramen. If you’re a fan of ramen, you should definitely check out Asa Ramen.

Neapolitan-style pizza

MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Company – Specializing in Neapolitan-style pizza, this pizza company uses the highest-quality flour, sauce, and ingredients to create a truly incredible pizza. Each pizza is handmade and baked in a wood-fired oven right in the middle of the restaurant. The decor inside is cozy and welcoming, a perfect place to enjoy any of the great pizzas made at MidiCi.


Shopping mall

There are several large shopping centers and plenty of unique boutique shops throughout Orem. Here are a few of the best places to shop.

University Place Mall – This is one of the most popular locations for shopping and dining in the area. Some of the most notable stores include Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Bath and Body Works, and plenty of other clothing and accessory shops. 

The Shops at Riverwoods – Home to an eclectic mix of unique shops, this outdoor mall is always clean, decorated, and home to several festivals and activities throughout the year. Though legally in Provo, it’s a popular destination for Orem residents.

Outdoor Recreation

Utah Lake

Orem is a great place to live if you love getting some fresh air and enjoying the outdoors. With Provo Canyon to the east and Utah Lake to the west, there’s plenty of opportunity to explore the unique Utah landscape. Here are some of the recreational opportunities Orem residents enjoy!

Utah Lake – Only minutes away from Utah Lake’s shores, Orem is one of the best places to live if you plan on taking advantage of the recreational opportunities presented by Utah Lake. It’s a popular destination for sailing, jet skiing, fishing, and more unique activities such as kite surfing. The lake itself is only an average of eight-feet deep and home to dozens of different species of birds, fish, and other wildlife. Sunsets over Utah Lake are beautiful. There are also several miles of paved trails along the shore of the lake for walking and biking.

Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon – Provo Canyon is a massively popular area for Orem and Provo residents. The Provo River, which runs through the canyon, offers opportunities for fishing and rafting, and there are several campgrounds in the canyon that are great for fires, BBQs, and picnics. Sundance, the popular ski resort and accompanying shops and restaurants, is located in Provo Canyon. In the fall, the mountains and foliage are a sight to behold. It’s a popular place for pictures!

golf ball at golf course

Links at Sleepy Ridge – This links-style golf course is meticulously cared for and offers a unique experience even amongst the great golf courses in Utah. Golf carts are available for rent, and there’s a three-story clubhouse on site that also serves as a wedding and event venue. If you like golf, check this course out.

Local Attractions

People sitting watching at local theater

Orem is full of fun local attractions and things to do. Because of all the college students attending UVU and BYU, new businesses and attractions are moving into Orem all the time! Most attractions are group- and family-friendly. Here are some of our favorites.

SCERA Center for the Arts – This is a local theater that produces fantastic plays and musicals while offering screenings of movies. There’s usually a play or production of some sort going on year round. What’s great about SCERA is that they source their talent from the local community—and let us tell you, there’s some great talent in Orem!

kid smiling while playing

Provo Beach – This arcade and fun center is two stories and contains mini golf, mini croquet, bowling, a ropes course, and even a wave machine for surfing. The main part of the building hosts tons of fun games where visitors can win tickets and exchange them for prizes.

Little girl having fun climbing rope game

Hang Time Adventure Park – Home to a trampoline park, obstacle course, and climbing feature, this adventure park is a popular attraction for kids of all ages to jump, tumble, and climb. Play trampoline dodgeball or see if you can make it through the obstacle course without falling. It’s also a great place for birthdays!

What’s in the Area?

Deer Creek Reservoir

Orem is about 45 miles (30 minutes to an hour depending on traffic) south of Salt Lake City, and many Orem residents take frequent trips to Salt Lake. 

Orem blends into Provo as you head south, and BYU is just south of the Orem/Provo border. BYU operates several great museums near campus and hosts popular performances from regionally and nationally acclaimed performers. 

To the east of Orem is Provo Canyon, which leads to Deer Creek Reservoir and Heber City, which is close to popular locations such as Park City.

Fifteen or 20 minutes south of Orem, the valley opens up to farmland, with crops and animals taking up the majority of the land. 

A lot of Utah’s most popular places and attractions can be found within driving distance of Orem, UT. The Orem/Provo area has everything residents need and want to feel happy and safe.


Students enjoying the class

Most Orem public schools are fairly well rated. Most large neighborhoods have a public school of some sort nearby. There are also several different alternative or specialty schools in Orem. Here’s more about Orem public schools and their ratings. 

Orem is also the location of a popular university, Utah Valley University. The university takes up a large part of southwest Orem and has several buildings spread throughout the area. It’s known as a great university for those interested in education and related fields. Their acceptance rate is very high, and there are plenty of opportunities for financial aid and grants.

BYU is another popular university in the area. Though it’s in Provo, many students that attend BYU actually live in Orem. For members of the LDS church, it’s the most popular university to attend. This popularity makes it fairly difficult to get accepted but means the quality of education is very high.


Girl smiling while working at the cashier

The Orem area has several large organizations within the city limits that offer great employment opportunities. Some of the largest employers include UVU, the City of Orem, Qualtrics, BambooHR, and Blue Raven Solar. There are dozens of other medium-sized businesses that employ hundreds of other people as well.

Because there are so many college students in the area, there are lots of restaurants and other businesses that cater to them. This also provides a steady source of employment in the service industry.

Because Orem is so close to Provo and even Lehi, many residents work for BYU in Provo or at any number of larger companies in Lehi, such as Adobe. Because of its size and location, thousands of great jobs are available, all within a reasonable driving distance. 

Looking for jobs in Orem, Utah? Here are the latest job listings.

Cost of Living

writing and computing at the calculator

Orem enjoys a relatively low cost of living compared to some other parts of Utah. In fact, outside of housing and healthcare costs, Orem residents’ expenses are slightly lower than the US average. Transportation, utilities, and groceries are all expenses that Orem residents can generally save money on.

Housing can get very expensive in the Orem area, depending on what housing you’re looking for. The average cost of a home in Orem is about $327,000, which is significantly more than the national average but lower than the Utah average. This makes renting a nice option for those who aren’t interested in buying a home or are saving up for a down payment. 

Here at ICO Monteval, we provide luxury living at a competitive price. Even better? Each rent payment you make on time will earn you 100 dollars towards upgrades on a new Ivory home!

Here’s more about the cost of living in Orem, UT.


Neighbors talking each other

Orem is a warm and welcoming city full of life and plenty of new faces. Because of the universities in the area, Orem is home to a diverse mix of people and cultures. There are lots of young families and college-aged students in Orem, which contributes to the energy of the city.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints plays a huge part in the culture of Orem, UT. The majority of Orem residents are members of the Church and attend Sunday meetings regularly. Religion is more important in Orem than in other parts of Utah; Orem is the kind of city where you wouldn’t be surprised to find a plate of homemade cookies on your doorstep.


Man listening to music while standing inside the train

Orem has a robust public transportation system for a city of its size. This is thanks to the large population of college students in the area that don’t have cars and require transportation to and from the university. 

The most popular lines have busses that come as often as every 15–20 minutes. Less-frequented parts of the city have bus routes that have pickups every 45 minutes to an hour. 

Orem also has a Frontrunner station, which gives residents access to the train that runs from Provo to Ogden. It’s also possible to make it all the way to Salt Lake via bus.

Here’s some information about available public transportation routes in Orem.

Orem is a great place to live whether you’re just starting college or ready to retire. The people are kind, and there’s always something to do, somewhere to eat, and great places to shop. Now that you know all about Orem, are you ready to move? Consider staying with us at ICO Monteval Apartments. Call today to schedule a tour!